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welcome to leonardo fan uk, a blog that is dedicated to bringing you all of the latest news and pictures on the academy award nominated actor, leonardo dicaprio. also expect to find heaps of edits and gifs posted daily for your enjoyment. follow us for your daily leo fix!

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Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond

Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond

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Intra-company letter to Toledo. Attention B.F. Chalmers, Branch Manager. With regard to recent and repeated correspondence, this is to advise that the matter has been very satisfactorily taken in hand, period. Paragraph. We wholly agree that the existing brochure is unsuitable. To this end, we have developed, quote, “Speaking of Production Control.”

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By the time he turned 19, Frank had successfully impersonated a Pan Am pilot, a medical paediatrician, and a lawyer, and cashed almost four million dollars in bogus checks.

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“You make these movies, you work as hard as you possibly can, you put your life on hold and you hope for the best.” - Leonardo DiCaprio

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